Our work is far from done! We must continue to have an impact on current social issues in order to make a difference. It is essential that we work together with communities and implement innovative strategies.

Julie Mac Allister, Chair of the Board of Directors, The YMCAs of Québec .

The YMCAs of Québec is a charitable organization that lends support to 125,000 people of all ages across the province.

10community and fitness centres | 43 service sites | 8 daycares and nursery schools | 5 Youth Zones | 1 residential summer camp and outdoor centre in Saint-Sauveur | 1 International Language School | 1 Ski School | 1 Residence for vulnerable populations | Exchange and school retention programs
in several communities


Build stronger communities by providing opportunities for everyone to lead fulfilling, active, healthy and engaged lives.

Objective for 2018:

Through our innovative and effective programs and services, partnerships and increased capacity to take action, we will have a greater impact on overall health, the development of youth and social cohesion in more communities.

Our values guide us:

  • Inclusion | We welcome everyone, regardless of origin.

  • Collaboration | We take action for the common good by pooling our efforts.

  • Engagement | We participate in the social arena with conviction and we keep our promises.

  • Caring | We believe in the potential of people and support their development.

  • Excellence | We draw on our experience and our creativity to offer the best possible service at the right time, using the appropriate resources.

  • Respect | We show self-respect and consideration for others and the environment.

4 strategic priorities

Stronger, healthier and more engaged communities

Increase our visibility

Increase our visibility in order to be known and renowned for all our programs and services, notably with our stakeholders, by better communicating our mission and our impact.

Strive for excellence

Strive for operational excellence, agility and efficiency in order to be more effective with our actions. Streamline our processes and improve our facilities to better serve our communities.

Develop our capacity

Innovate in order to grow and develop a greater capacity to take action and ensure our long-term financial health.

Enhance our effectiveness

Enhance the effectiveness of key programs and services and strengthen our partnerships in order to better meet the needs of the community, and expand our geographical scope.